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What You Can Do to be Ready to Buy or Sell a Home in 2019?

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Mar. 15, 2019 |Author: Atlantic Home Loans

No matter which side of the home sale process you will find yourself this year, it can be a nervous, even confusing, time. There are so many variables tied up in the process like when to sell, how much to list your home for, what’s a good home price for the kind of home you’re looking for, how long can it take to buy and sell a home? Then there’s the market – what does the housing market look like in the neighborhood where you live? Does the economy have any effect on al of this? With so many questions potentially plaguing you, it can cause you to pause in your efforts, but arming yourself with knowledge and getting the right support can relieve you of all that stress and improve your chances with your real estate transaction. So, where do you start? Get a handle on these three concepts:

What’s really happening with the housing market today?

Home sellers and buyers alike need a realistic, and current, understanding of the local housing market before they can make any real plans. Understanding what buyer demand and selling competition looks like in your area is critical to your strategy. There are so many news stories that swing the pendulum of positive and negative news about the current real estate market, it’s important to get to the real story before you get started.

What is Driving your Local Housing Market Reality?

Each area of the country is different; each housing market has its own trends and drivers/detractors like what down payment impacts the mortgage rate? Or should you price you home high or low compared to the competition to get more potential buyers in the door?

What Do These Two Sets of Real Estate Criteria Mean to Your Situation?

In order to decide how and when you want to enter the housing market this year, you need a clear and relative understanding of your target real estate reality. That means connecting with a skilled, local real estate and mortgage professional and getting the nitty gritty of your actual opportunity. They are on the ground in your region, have the inside scoop on the market shifts and know how you can make the most of your home sale or purchase.

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