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Social Media and Real Estate: How To Use Facebook and Twitter to Find a Home

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As the real estate industry continues to see a slow incline back towards normal transaction rates, the 2013 property search is on all around the country. These days, property searches occur online, both through real estate websites and other sources, including social media.

There are several ways that social media can be used by the listing agent to build trust within their target market, as they begin or continue their property search. The highly-targeted capabilities of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow real estate professionals to speak directly to their prospects, long before they ever meet at the table to talk properties.


For the B2C company like a real estate agency, Facebook has become a powerful tool to help home buyers with their property search. If you are seeking out homes in a specific region, do a search on Facebook for a real estate brokerage in your area, seek out their page and “Like” it. Once you like the page, you then get an inside view into the types of homes they sell and the way their office operates by the types of content they share. You also have the ability to reach out to them directly by messaging or posting a note to their page to your real estate relationship without ever having to pick up a phone.


Many real estate companies use Twitter as a source to share their latest or most sought after property listings. Anyone on a property search can follow a real estate office based on their region or name and follow those real estate professionals that share listings in their area.

Keep regular watch on your selected real estate agents’ tweets on Twitter. The content on your page will update quickly with the short posts from anyone you may be following, so it may be necessary to check in with the real estate profiles you’re following to see their latest information. Be sure to message the listing agent right away if you see a potential home, just to get a jump on anyone else that may be interested in it as well.

A successful real estate purchase has a lot to do with timing, so it’s important to check in with your selected Facebook pages and Twitter profiles regularly to be sure you don’t miss the perfect home when it becomes available.

So start your 2013 property search with an advantage over some of the other home buyers. Use social media pages and profiles as an extended network of property listings and insight into the local real estate professionals you are considering to assist you in your search.

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