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It’s the Where of Real Estate that Matters

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If buying real estate is part of your 2019 resolutions, chances are you’ve begun researching property values and a slew of other criteria that are important to you for your home or office. While property value is crucial and needs to be on your list, the location of your selected real estate could be the single most-important factor in your decision-making process. Here’s why:

It Really is “Location, Location, Location”

It’s not an unknown fact that the location of a property can be a driver or a detractor to its potential to sell. With that in mind, there are a few extended criteria tied to the location of your property that may speak to your specific needs.

  • Proximity to work: When you are looking to buy a home, and work away from the house, then you have a commute to consider as part of your home search process. As you shop for homes, consider your path to work and how long you’re willing to drive to and from the office each day. Gases, tolls, wear and tear on your car are all factors to count.
  • Local Schools: If you have, or intend to have, children, then school systems need to be a consideration when you are buying real estate. It may seem pre-emptive if you don’t already have kids, but having to relocate because of or settle with a substandard school may be an issue later on.
  • Urban or Suburban Setting: When you’re on the property hunt, chances are you’re driven more by the look or criteria of the house itself than by the type of neighborhood in which it is located. Are you looking for a setting that is serene and quiet, or bustling and active? Think about how you like to spend your time at home. Do you want a porch you can sit out on in the evenings, relishing the sound of the world around you, or would you prefer a patio and garden room that faces a courtyard where people come and go, allowing for regular people watching? How you spend you down time will help you decide if you want a urban or rural neighborhood setting.
  • Conveniences: Are you the kind of person who wants a corner store or are you willing to drive a few miles for a local grocery? Much like the setting of your home, proximity to places and things you frequent need to be considered when buying real estate. Doctors, shopping, restaurants, pharmacies are all “must have’s” that can help you decide on the right property.

The reality is there are a lot of decisions to be made when buying real estate. Location encompasses a lot more than just the address, so be sure you take into stock the effect that the location of your property can have on the life you live in it.

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