A Step-by-Step walk

through of Purchase Loans

The loan process to purchase a home has many steps. The walkthrough below provides an overview of that process. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Ideally, you want to get Pre-Approved before even speaking with a real estate agent. Meeting with an agent after you’re already Pre-Approved tells them you’re a serious buyer and they will work harder for you to find you the house you love. Plus, once you find the right home, you can put in an offer right away.

Find a Home

Finding a home is one of the best parts! Make sure to check out homes that may not look perfect in photos, it may surprise you once you’re there. Also, this is where you'll be building your future, so it’s a great experience. Be sure to check online resources in addition to properties sent to you by your real estate agent.

Make an Offer

Making an offer on the house you love can get emotional, but in a good way. Remember to consider how long it’s been on the market, what repairs it needs, and other factors when making your offer. Discussing all of these things with your agent will be a huge help to you.

Processing & Underwriting

By this point, most of the boring work is being done by the AHL Team assigned to you. They will be verifying documents and ordering services, such as the appraisal. Underwriting takes care of all the final approval items, preparing your loan for closing.

Closing Day Prep

Now that you’re almost there, just a few more things need to happen in the days leading up to your closing date. Acknowledging your Closing Disclosure and doing a final walk-through of your new home will be the two most important items to take care of. Your AHL Team will of course be with you each step of the way helping you keep track!

Move in Day!

Closing day is here and you’re ready to move into your new home! Yay! Even though the process is finally over, remember you can always reach out to your Loan Officer with any follow up questions as time goes on. You’re part of the AHL Family now!