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Like all things, when a crisis hits, you can either be frozen with fear or you can adapt to survive. While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to surge all around the country, Americans finds themselves quarantined at home. For those that were planning on selling their house this year, this disruption has driven the adaptation of new technologies, processes and logistics to keep home buyers and sellers on track.
The technology that is being adopted for this process has existed for a while and has been used – but not on the wide-scale we are seeing now. This is the nature of evolution, at times. Slow, steady progress offers options for those companies and people that are more progressive, while those that are more traditionalist maintain the “status quo”. However, when something like the novel coronavirus hits and rocks reality this hard, progressive adaptation is forced to speed up to ensure progress.
The Virtual Real Estate World Is Ready
When you are ready to sell your home, the biggest hurdle you face is how to show off your home to potential buyers; a digital marketing strategy and virtual home-tour tools are at the forefront of the home-sale experience.
A realtor knows the tools and strategies available for marketing and selling a home online, so the first step you need to take it to partner with a local real estate expert who knows your area and what buyers seek. A recent survey by, “Would You Buy a Home Without Stepping Foot Inside?” notes the top technology sources would be the most helpful to homebuyers:
• Virtual tour of the home
• Accurate and detailed listing information
• Detailed neighborhood information
• High-quality listing photos
• Agent-led video chat
Safe Secondary and Tertiary Home Buying Steps
Unless you live under a rock, you hear the continuous commercials detailing the need to follow safety guidelines as we live through the pandemic surge. The National Association of Realtors has laid out measures to be followed by realtors, home buyers and sellers as they move to the second and third stages of the buying process.
• Limit in-person activity
• Require guests to wash their hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer
• Remove shoes or cover with booties
• Follow CDC guidance on social distancing and wearing face coverings
Work closely with your real estate partners to follow the above steps, and you can have a safe, timely and effective sales process for your home.
Nate Johnson, CMO at ® notes:
“As real estate agents and consumers seek out ways to safely complete these transactions, we believe that technology will become an even more imperative part of how we search for, buy and sell homes moving forward.”
These are unprecedented times for many people. We all have to adapt and shift our way of living and thinking to maintain. For home sellers, the pandemic does not derail your ability to sell, it only shifts the strategy of how to do it. Your realtor partner will guide you through the process using the digital tools they have in their toolbox to sell your home and find your next one, walking with you virtually each step of the way.

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