4 Steps to Find Your Next House While Sheltering in Place – Atlantic Home Loans

In, New Jersey, we’re seeing shifts in the state lockdown controls, beaches are open, car lots can offer test drives again and our realtors are able to show homes, with certain restrictions. This is great news if you’re in the market for a home, but many potential home buyers still wonder how to find the neighborhood and home of their dreams while so many safety restrictions still stand. We have four recommendations for how to handle finding your ideal home while still maintaining safe distance:

Use Social Media to Find your Ideal Town/Neighborhood
Most municipalities have Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to follow. Check out the towns in the area you are looking to move and follow their tweets and posts to find out about the community, and then check out the municipality website to get the details like population, crime rates, school options, etc.

Take a Walk with Google Street View
If your ideal neighborhood or property isn’t close enough for you to drive to and walk outside while safely distancing yourself from others, then using Google Street View will give you the virtual lay of the land, and feel of your chosen neighborhood while staying home.

Review Schools and Local Businesses Online
If you have children, learning about the schools in your desired area is an important decision-making criterion. Once you select a neighborhood, check out the local school website will have a plethora of information for you to read and use to learn about the curriculum, activities, clubs, and options for your kids.

Connect with a local Realtor
Your real estate agent can help you migrate the waters of home purchase in the time of Covid-19 and ensure you find the home and neighborhood you seek, even as you try to stay home as much as possible. Their expertise and relationship with the many players involved with a mortgage transaction will simplify your search and ensure you get the best home for your budget. When you decide on a property, they can offer you a home walk-through in a controlled process.

So stay safe at home for a while longer, and conduct your home search online.

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